Thursday, May 29, 2014

Getting Carted. Not a typo!

"Carted" is correct, it is not meant to be "carded", which would be a very welcome thing at my age...perhaps a miracle!   I've only been 'carded' once in my life; that I can recall.   I had gone to the drive in with a friend, driving my parents car; Plymouth Volare, and we had to drive right out!   It was a restricted movie and I was too young.  Such a disappointment.   That's CARDED.

Many many years later and at a much different stage of life I am now speaking of being 'Carted'.  Allow me to explain.

Every trip to the grocery store it becomes clear to me that I DO in fact have some OCD issues, perhaps a couple but one in particular.

Groceries purchased and toddling off into the parking lot headed to my car and unloading all of the groceries once there.   Feeling great in knowing our pantry shelves and refridgerator will once again be fully stocked.  Just steps away from the "Cart Shelter", I gasp in the visual that lies ahead of me.   I just shake my head and enter therein.

Grocery carts in all manner of disarray and I just don't understand how this could be.   It takes only moments to put a cart beneath the shelter and to tuck it in nicely nested with other carts; like the very tidy and efficient design of a set of nesting tables.   Perfect!   They should be perfect and since they are not, I take it upon myself to make them so.   Very satisfying I think as I walk back to my car and drive home.    I am not opposed to walking to others cars and upon their having tucked their treasures into their vehicles, offer to take their cart for them, insuring it is properly stored for ease of retrieval by the next would be shopper.

There you have it folks, getting 'Carted' moi!  

Finally the job of my dreams.   If only I could convince the grocery stores they NEED me!

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