Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Big Reveal

Everything off!

With a diagnosis of Melanoma it doesn't take long to realize just how important it is to be "checked out", scanned, looked at  from head to toe and up close!     You have to pay attention to your skin and any changes that may have or may be taking place.   I'll admit, as I have again and again to the dermatologist, the surgeon, the oncologist and my family doctor that in all of this "checking" and the necessity of doing so I can at times be just a tad paranoid with the possibility of finding something!

In the process of all tests and also treatment there was the photo session in making note of specific skin markings/spots to be recorded and viewed at later visits with the dermatologist in comparing for any changes as time rolls on, but even then one is permitted the coverage allowance of bra and panties and you are relieved for that allowance.

In my Derm's office it takes a very short time with first the assistant; who also asks a few questions,  and then with Dr. G; my dermatologist, to do a thorough going over.   Drum roll please ...and then they concur, everything seems to be fine   Yay, one step closer to the that five year NED marker; no evidence of disease.    As of next June I will be three years NED!

 Driving home I count my blessings once again and even the appointment card reads rather hopeful with the date of the next visit in May, springtime.
Baring it all is just one more step in saving my life from Melanoma, and that's just how I roll now!

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