Sunday, November 23, 2014

When you laugh like that!!!

We've all heard it said, "laughter is the best medicine" and I'm hoping each and every one of you will have experienced just that!     Not that laughter will mend bones, or cure the common cold; though it may induce a coughing fit,  nor will it cure cancer or other diseases, but it can help lift ones spirit and guide ones outlook in dealing with just such ills.

Haven't we all been there before, feeling so ill and completely drained of all our energy, or just so down, feeling the world is a massive weight of woe upon our shoulders?     When we have fallen into such depths of blues or are struggling so we are often pulled from it by surprise.   It often comes in the form of a caring friend or a loved one who knows us perhaps even better than we know ourselves and manages catching us off guard in saying something most ridiculous but maintaining a straight face until we catch it and share the realization of the humour shared!    Oh and when it happens you and the laughter inducing companion feel the weight lifted, both your faces light up, laughter fills the air and your bellies hurt from said laughter and maybe you even let out a snort or two!    While you haven't been cured, the situation remains or it's only a brief reprieve, it's equal to the most effective prescription ever written!    Laughter is good, it feels good and IS good for you!  
The following from the Mayo Clinic...

We should take laughter more seriously, because it has much to offer us in our well being.   Almost three years ago when diagnosed with cancer, laughter was a very necessary daily dose as important as and even more important than my daily dose of vitamins perhaps!

Go on LOL, a.k.a laugh out loud, we love it when you laugh like that and contagious laughter is the best kind!

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