Sunday, November 23, 2014

Refreshing Little Pauses

Sometimes we are stopped and unexpectedly our rush to complete a task, get to our destination or carry out our daily routine is thrown off course.    It might only be a matter of a very few short moments; in this case 3 minutes, but we are not pleased and rather impatient about it despite it's briefness!
It is not an unusual occurrence but when it presents itself in an unusual manner it is at first most annoying to us.     In this instance though I was not at all annoyed since it has become "usual" I have chosen rather to embrace it.

For several months as we travel east of Port Hope or travel west to Port Hope on highway 2 we have encountered a delay at the Hunco Farm bridge presently and still under construction.   I'll admit in coming to the bridge the first couple of encounters during this transition I found the delay somewhat inconvenient and time stealing, but after a number of travels back and forth not so much.  Now I rather look forward to and enjoy the delay or shall I say "Pause", a most pleasant pause and with camera in hand it is opportunity to embrace and enjoy!    I've taken several photos almost always as I head west returning home from points east.    I rather enjoy the scenery/backdrop from that vantage point.   Yesterday as we were stopped at the light I couldn't help but notice the person in line behind me in traffic produced a newspaper and embraced the chance to catch up on the news while stopped for those 3 minutes.  

This bridge reconstruction has for some of us become a welcome pause in our day, much in my mind like those at say Glenora; near Picton, waiting their turn to board the ferry.   The Glenora ferry is but a 2 minute ride across but those two minutes afford a calm reprieve from ones possibly demanding day and some great photo opps.

These little pauses we come to are a lesson in ones outlook in life ...grumble and perhaps be agitatedly impatient in what presents itself or embrace the positive in it and go happily on with a new and refreshed outlook!

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