Friday, December 26, 2014

The "Tim Bits" of Life

I've recently heard rumblings about Tim Horton's in the rippling affects of the Burger King takeover of our beloved Canadian "Timmy's", that suggest they plan to discontinue the creation of Tim Bits; those yummy little donut holes welcome at any gathering and especially endeared by children everywhere!

Hoax or otherwise one just keeps hearing about it.   I wonder how many of you in fearing this true added "Tim Bits" to your Christmas wish list.  If it is true we will miss those little balls of dough, but if you're acquainted with other fine coffee shops that make donuts then you'll be o.k. .   It's well worth the drive to get the cadillac of donut holes at Dooher's in Campbellford, not to mention the other decadently tasty treats available; ordering ahead is recommended.

Doesn't this just seem symbolic of life and how all too often the little or especially lovely
 things we often take for granted suddenly disappear from our lives.  The sometimes cruel hand of change, like snatching a shiny new toy from an adoring child, comes along and "changes" everything. This year and of course over the years it seems any changes of that year are revisited as we gather with friends and family over the holidays.   Life is change but sometimes it's difficult to accept some of the changes, especially when it comes to the heart and all we have held dear in our lives.

What "Little Things" or "Lovelies" do you long for and perhaps are reminded of in sharing holiday memories?   Treats from a favourite general store; we used to rejoice in gathering pop bottles from the shed to cash in for penny candy such as marshmallow strawberries and bananas, licorice babies, and more!  Many are at this time of year sure to be reminiscing about grandparents, or your parents, siblings etc., be it a time together or something they did that was memorably amazing, humorous, or heartwarming.  In our family we are reminded of one particular Aunt and Uncle no longer with us, of Grandparents and many others not here to join us in our celebrations.

I wish you many more wonderful "little things" in life and hope you are surrounded by many "lovelies" you are making memories with!   

We only lived in Garden Hill for one year but there are so many great memories from there.   This photo taken on Christmas Eve at Garden Hill 1971.

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