Friday, December 26, 2014

About Those Little Pauses...and Just a Few Kind Words.

This woman looks to us and asks if we would like to move ahead of her just as the woman who just whisked past her had; in a hurry to place her order.   This kind woman; as told by her beautiful accent, is originally from Brazil and moved to Canada 13 years ago.  We're at Tim Horton's to purchase a couple of gift cards.   The "whisking" woman was ahead of us in line and looked to the other cash register when she realizes it is available to place her order.    The lovely woman with the accent had actually apologized as she suddenly realized she was perhaps taking longer than she should in the placing of her order.   She was traveling with her mother and young daughter; approx. 10 -12, and we were behind her.   We weren't in any hurry and then while waiting began to talk with her.    She and her family were heading to Ottawa to see the sights.
In speaking with each other she then tilted her head to one side, smiling and said to me, "You remind me very much of a friend of mine.", then turned to her daughter and without saying anything her daughter said, "I know who you mean!" and said a name but I didn't catch it and her mother agreed and they both smiled. She then said, "Sadly she isn't with us any longer, but oh you have the same smile, you're so like her, so sweet.".
In just a few moments, a little pause of sorts, a few kind words and patience afforded us the chance to make someones long and tiring road trip a little more bearable as well as adding additional travel conversation between them and a christmas memory.    Stress averted and kindness shared.  Something to learn from if we allow it to teach us.

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