Sunday, January 25, 2015

Seriously, but LOL...Tuning In for Colon Health!

Monday, Monday, so good to me!   This morning I was of the mind that one week from tomorrow; Monday, I would be at the hospital for my colonoscopy.   I will be enjoying the benefits of a scheduled colonoscopy; that versus an unscheduled colonoscopy did not enter my mind.  In thinking it was a Monday appt., somehow the song "Monday, Monday" kept playing over in my thoughts.  Singing this tune you might think I actually delighted in going for the procedure...Monday Monday so good to me (?)!    It is actually taking place one week from Tuesday, but the "prep" WILL be underway that Monday evening!

While a colonoscopy isn't anything one might excitedly or enthusiastically sign up for, having such procedures available and preventative in offering insight to the health of my colon is certainly worthy of my gratefulness and especially after my personal experience with the "Big C"!

With melanoma, once you have been deemed N.E.D (No Evidence of Disease) following surgeries and prior to being approved if necessary, for adjuvant/immunotherapy treatment, there are no further scans, etc. .  While I do have ongoing cancer care in attending bi-annual skin checks with my dermatologist, annual check ups with my surgeon who had done both pre-treatment surgeries and an annual checkup with my oncologist I must confess to wishing there was a full scan annually as well.  
It's a wait and see, wait and watch for any unusual symptoms, for any visible lesions on the skin surface; recurrence.

The colonoscopy itself is as I've been told, nothing to fret and apparently the sedation is like a gift of the best sleep you've never had!   I understand and have witnessed the inconvenience of the "Prep" in the day before the procedure as the worst part of it.   My husband has had a colonoscopy and the song that comes to mind in reminiscing the experience would have to be...."Loo Loo, Skip to the Loo, Skip to the Loo my Darling!"...or RUN perhaps!

With that said, once all done I imagine leaving the day behind singing out, "Goodbye Ruby Tuesday...",  and better that song comes to mind when many less dignified tunes/names for the day might come to mind!

*Adjuvant therapy, also called adjuvant care, is treatment that is given in addition to the primary, main or initial treatment. The surgeries and complex treatment regimens used in cancer therapy have led the term to be used mainly to describe adjuvant cancer treatments.

*Immunotherapy (also known as Biological therapy) stimulates your immune system to help it fight the cancer. Biological medications are the same as, or similar to, natural immune chemicals your body produces. Available immunotherapy include interferon alpha, interleukin-2, and Yervoy™.

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