Thursday, January 14, 2016

Chips! ... see, grab, stuff!

What is it about potato chips that makes you lose all control?  
Every time we have potato chips out I must work hard not to lose myself in the devouring of.    I have learned to use a small dessert bowl, add a few chips, eat and be done; having put the bag waaaaay back into it's corner in the cupboard.      Well, that is unless of course I am eating them in the company of someone who doesn't have the desire/need to be so disciplined and the bag is right there, looming, close at hand, but I shall remain strong!
Here is the confession though.... this disciplinary measure can very quickly fall by the wayside should I suddenly find myself alone for any measure of time, with the bag of chips.     I WILL seek out the remainder of that bag of chips and I WILL reach, grab and stuff as many chips as possible with one fist when there is no-one to witness said act.    Somehow that big fistful of chips crammed into my mouth all at once is a moment of great awe in the bursting melt of flavour it fills my mouth with.    That is also the very moment I fill with shame and disgust having realized I represent at that moment a complete lack of will power, not to mention any couth!

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