Thursday, January 14, 2016

Beat the Clock.... Don't mind the Pedestrian!

Coming along the 401 Highway, just about to exit coming from the west, and having noticed reduced speed signs, I slow down to 80 km; what one does at the exit, when this car speeds up and passes me on the left.    This car then returns to the right lane leading to the exit.  I think, "Wow, way to go Douche Bag, there's a reason for the reduced speed!".
He zooms onto the exit ramp and comes to an abrupt halt at the stop light.  the light changes and he charges from the gate and around the corner continuing in the right lane and I am close behind but move to the centre lane heading toward the next intersection.   This Dude is obviously trying to beat time but as he rushes up behind the car ahead of him and the light has turned green, he blows the horn!   Continuing forward I notice the car he is directing his assertion at has stopped to allow a pedestrian cross; with the light, before they complete their turn onto the street to the right.  I'm so relieved it wasn't THAT guy turning at the intersection because with his brand of driving that pedestrian wouldn't have had a chance!

P.S: Sorry for the "Douche Baggery" in my chosen words, but it's what I heard in my head!.

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