Saturday, February 27, 2016

Wine For the Sake of Knowledge (Of course!)

What is this foodie phenomenon I keep hearing about?
I've heard from a couple of friends how amazing the combination of chips and wine is and so after a long time decided to make it my mission to try it; that combo!   It has come to pass, I did it this very weekend.  
In particular it has been stated that whatever wine was being enjoyed the chip brand was Miss Vicki's which I must concur with in knowing how much I enjoy Miss Vicki's for that amazing kettle cooked Crunch you just don't get with the "average" bag of potato chips.    Last night I enjoyed Kettle brand chips purchased at Metro; low sodium.  Hubby helped with the consumption.  My choice of wine was Grand Feudo/Reserva 2009; a combination of Tempranillo-Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot grapes.   Yes, this is sounding lovely, so I think perhaps a "group" thingy could happen here; you know, like Book Club.  Maybe Crisps and Vines would be a name for this research group! Yes, research.   Which wine best suits which chips!   This knowledge could make or break ones start to the weekend.   The wrong combo could be devastating!

I did enjoy my first plunge into studying this concept and I imagine I will look further into this!  I still really find myself craving chocolate and maybe there's room to add a little "side" to this wine and chips pairing!

Well, CHEERS to more learning!

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