Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Sunset for All of the World.

Every evening before a 7 p.m dinner hour, hubby and I strolled to the beach to take in the setting of the sun.    Seeking the perfect vantage point, we discovered we were not alone; neither physically nor in our desire to enjoy that most beautiful and simple common daily pleasure.

Taking a few pictures every few moments and feeling so satisfied in having captured the way the sun bathed everything in the most luxurious warm glow just before dipping below the horizon, we turn around also to take in the sight of sooo many others faces to the sun to witness those same beautiful moments.   There was a great silence across the expanse of beach and when the sun dipped out of sight, applause rose from the silence!

Far from home, among people representing many countries from around the world, many languages and many differences, you quickly discover and are not surprised to find out how alike we are and even if only for a few moments feel there is hope that the world can be a better place and we might 
even get along.


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