Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sometimes you just gotta!

Speaking of shoes and the next thing, someone named Chuck Taylor is suddenly part of the conversation and I think,  "Who's Chuck?"!

Early spring of this year my daughter and I were having a much overdue day together and as well as just making the most of the drive itself decided to drop in on the lovely Bobcageon, the small but very picturesque setting with some lovely shops for the discerning shopper!   I love Bobcageon for it's little locks and all of the lovely boats coming and going and how the lock is nestled right in the midst of the shops.

On making note of the shops there I mention the shoe shop and how I think one day I might consider buying a pair of hightop shoes, just because I think it would be "cool", you know just for kicks!
"Well then you should, today!", my daughter resounds.    Of course I tell her it's just a silly thought, that I would just do it for fun!

We go through the first couple of shops and one leasds right into another.    Turning the corner, my daughter says, "There's what you are looking for, Chuck's!".

"Who?", I say and she reiterates "Chuck's, Chuck Taylors, ...Converse"!   I get it, Converse shoes are Chuck Taylor's shoes.    The light just went on, o.k., gotcha!

I simply wasn't planning on such a purchase today, not something so bright, kid-like, impractical, silly... FUN!   I ponder out loud, "what would I wear them with, where would I wear them?".    At first it's just my daughter and I discussing my every thought and her telling me why I should get them, then the sales staff returns and she joins in as well.   Back and forth we go with them telling me why I should go ahead and just DO IT!   My daughter is quite prepared to buy them for me if I don't make the purchase.    I have a pair of distressed denims I created that will be just the perfect pairing with these ...LOL, putting together an "alternative" outfit!  I might be able to do this!

I imagine the revisiting of this moment many times over should I not make the purchase today.    I then also imagine revisiting this moment throughout the years ahead and how much fun it was in picking the bright red shoes, instead of the practical, non-funky feeling black shoe and in being reminded of the road trip there and back.   I love the chance to 'step out of my norm' and play big!

I don't normally Chuck, but when I do I feel rather "cool" and am reminded life is short, so sometimes Chuck's over a practical loafer are just the ticket!   :)

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