Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Tying One On.

Since February visions of summer and what it "might be" began to 'dash away'.   The earliest hint of a possible change showing itself before Christmas.

Well, it's nearly summer's end and two months post surgery for my Hubby.   Of course there are a few long term side affects; while not permanent, which he struggles with but he's a trooper and working hard to push past all of that and carry on.

Hubby was diagnosed in February with prostate cancer, following 3 PSA tests and a biopsy.  An especially scary time for him looking ahead, but as well for myself like a recurring nightmare.   The timeline, far too familiar and those words "...well, unfortunately'...",  weighed so heavily upon us both.  Not at all what we had expected; but never what you expect to hear at any rate.

In part of his personal healing process Hubby had his first tattoo!    He has never indicated before that he would like one, but not long after his surgery and beginning to reflect on the experience he announced to me he was going to get a tattoo honouring his victory in the battle!   He sports the two tone blue necktie for Prostate Cancer Canada on his arm and I must say, I find it rather sexy!   His tattoo is a reminder of his strength even when he felt his weakest.  I appreciate how proud he feels in coming through this experience and isn't afraid to talk about it with others, which in turn may just help someone else.    I'm happy to have been his support and caregiver after he was most certainly my biggest support through my own experience; sometimes literally the shoulder I cried on.

And now, we raise a glass to moving forward, healing in our own way, living life, and making more plans, we say BRING IT, we'll take it on!

* As a footnote, Tattoo's are one's personal expression on a canvas that is their own.  For my Husband it means a great deal to have added this design to his person.    His first tattoo and it carries much pride in winning at his fight against cancer!

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