Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Season made me do it...again!

Saturday morning, showering, changing the towels; retrieved from the linen closet, in the hall, I realize something is happening.    I realize it as soon as I go to closet, then open the door. It begins.
The report to authorities reads like, "I didn't know I was going to do it, it just happened!", I explain and then, "Honestly I have no idea what came over me!".
Clearly the last part of the statement is a lie.    It's a lie, because I know after sooooo many years of seasons arriving and departing, this is not an uncommon occurrence.

Almost officially Autumn and despite being very weary and with soooo many things gnawing at my thoughts, it happens, whether I  really WANT to or not, a rage of epic cleaning proportions occurs. An inner clock of sorts, ringing like there's no tomorrow and it won't stop until I pay it mind, like an unspoken duty only I (suddenly) am made aware of internally.  
Hubby is like, "Had you planned to do this, this morning?".
I reply, "No, no....", feeling on the verge of tears.    I had not planned this.   Like an illness suddenly having taken over my being, by every inch, I am fully involved.   Lost to an unexpected event.   It's like the weather event, the weather forecast didn't actually forecast, it just happened.   It's a love/hate relationship with the change of season.    My body like someone taken over by demonic powers, gives itself over to the deed.
In the end, somehow all is wonderfully zen as I look upon the results of this unplanned takeover.

Once again, the season's change made me do it, but oddly, I'm into it!   Viva la season!!!!

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