Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Cool Thing to Do!

Reading a post earlier when someone was talking about "a cool thing to do" upon turning 40 and wondering what they might do when turning 50.   I found myself trying to remember something cool I had done when turning 50.  One of the cool things I did for my fiftieth was to be the recipient of a lovely surprise party a few lovely friends made happen; one of them nearly getting caught in making it all happen!   If they read this they and the other's creating the event will remember that!  It really was lovely!

 I recall I must have been close to 40 when I finally took the big step of auditioning for a role in local theatre, now that was cooooool!   On turning 30....well I was happy to be expecting our third; and last, child and low and behold our first and only daughter.   Her brothers were tickled too!

Back to what I did when turning 50, well that really was QUITE the year but I do remember now....I fought cancer and BEAT IT!!!   Now THAT's COOL I say!   ;)

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