Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Friendly Giant On Any Stage.

Recently I read an article from with regards to the lovely Bob Homme, a.k.a, the Friendly Giant.
Myself and many from my generation and later my own children, would have felt very much a part of a special group of company entering into the living room at the castle for a morning with Friendly, Jerome Giraffe, and Rusty the Rooster and perhaps a surprise guest each week as well.
Years ago while writing on a fairly regular basis for a local column, I had written a piece about Friendly, having spoken with and invited him to dinner at the child care setting I was working in and then later having the opportunity to meet with and talk with him.

 Imagine ones delight to find that just as he was such a pleasure to listen to on television he was every bit the gentle giant to meet in real life and you felt so much joy in just listening to him.

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