Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 444- The "c" word -Ten Months and holding on! : )

The Long...(Heavy)

                                                         and the short of this experience!  (Wispy light)

 I can't believe next week will bring me to the tenth month of my treatment with Interferon!   It's been such a looooong year and while happy to be alive to count these days, each day I wake with a horrible cloak of dread, negative thoughts, and almost always accompanied by a sense of physical ill and it really is a big job to force myself to crawl away from my bed.
Wednesday was a wonderful day, I felt pretty good, not bad, while Tuesday was a terrible day, I felt very ill and Thursday was awful,  much like Tuesday.  I know I just have to appreciate the good days and make as much of those  when they come along.

Friday I met with a friend who I met early on as we were both sent to our assigned chair in the chemo suite at Lakeridge.   We had begun our treatment plan at the exact time only later becoming a week apart in our Interferon when the oncologist booked her start on the maintenance after he had a week's holidays.   We both agree the extreme and ongoing headaches and severe fatigue are the worst of the side effects.  Tylenol is our new best friend!!  Our hair is similar in how much thinner it is and that we both went shorter, different enough in fact when looking for each other we walked right past each other.   We laughed!   In our defense it's been a couple of months since we've seen each perhaps last fall!!!

It was good to compare what each of us has been feeling and know we could relate as far as side effects, including the emotional roller coaster one feels one is on at times.  We have the same oncologist and and just seem to hit it off with each other and make for good support for each other.  I'm not much of a texter, but that's how we tend to communicate so I'm gaining some new texting skills!  LOL!

I hope we will be able to share a future of NED; no evidence of disease, dodging any further melanoma bullets!   While having been a cancer patient really sucks, it has brought me new acquaintances, some positive new experineces and what I'm sure is a long term friendship and that's a positive!   We've both had a difficult year and for reasons beyond our own health as well, but we're here for each other and both are very lucky to have additional friends keeping us looking ahead and thinking positively!  I thank you all; you know who you are!  : )

I know there are days when I simply don't feel like being around anyone and I'm sure on those days people wouldn't want to be around me either!  

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