Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Good, the Bad and the Lesson-all in a memory!

Yesterday and today I have noticed a Daddy and his little girl down at the parking lot working together to teach her how to ride a two wheeler.   It's a sweet visual and brings a flood of bittersweet thoughts to me.   I love watching and wonder if they realize what a magic time it really is for both of them and having said that recall my own children learning to ride a bike and on our street and in that very parking lot as well.   Over the years we have seen many a new cyclist meet there successful first ride right there and that goes for new drivers as well practicing parking skills and more.

I am transported back to yesteryear and it's a happy and sad moment realizing so much time has passed as well as so many memorable moments.   Of course with children the opposite happens as well.  You know when you're in a store or somewhere public and you hear a child crying or screaming; out of temper, and you just can't help but think, "Thank God it's not mine!"!   Memorable and long since forgotten.

Back to the lessons in the parking lot, as I look out the window and watch the Dad cautiously step back and the new rider confidently roll forward, I think wow that could easily be Ashley and her Daddy, but remember how she has just had her twentieth birthday!   It goes so quickly.   Next week will be Mother's Day and that in itself holds some special memories from once upon a few years ago so with "the lesson" and also Mother's day fast approaching here is a story from that time and the weather today is just as it was on that day of "The Lesson".   Ah the memories.

The Lesson…a memorable Mother’s Day  1999

Just when you feel at wits end with your children and the world feels a wreck, something wonderful happens and a flood of joy restores your weary soul!  This Mother’s joyful restoration came on Mother’s Day!

The past couple of weeks had been plagued with seemingly endless hours of homework, my eldest son (Intrepid) had been assigned or was trying to catch up on.  Dear Ol’ Mom pulled up the coaches seat; or perhaps the coaxer’s seat, to ensure he reached the end before dooms day.  Dooms day of course is the due date.
Our younger son (Kid Brother) bewildered with what to do without Intrepid available was not a happy camper.   His only happiness now would come in spurts of opportunities to poke at the sensitive nerve endings of his little sister(Little Miss).

While I concentrated on keeping Intrepid's attention focused on his school work, Hubby had his hands full trying to keep the peace between Kid Brother and Little Miss.   Not an easy job!!!
These two children are extremely stubborn at times, ‘er what I mean to say is equally strong willed.

Intrepid and I busy at the desk, Little Miss contentedly plays with her Barbies, and Kid Brother meanders through the house proclaiming his great boredom.  Hubby and I attempt to help him out by rhyming off various activities he might consider pursuing.  He takes on a stance of the unmovable and and shaking his head gives a resounding “NO”!   Then, knowing what I’m about to suggest may not be well received I do the unthinkable; it’s a very touchy subject.   We know better than to speak of it, but Hubby and I say in what is sure to be painful unison from Kid Brother’s point of view, “Why don’t you try riding your bike?” !   It’s too late, we can’t retract, but much to our delightful surprise he says,
“O.K.!” !  
Hubby says, “Great!”.  Coach and apprentice then look forward to a little one on one time.  …That’s when Little Miss, the ever present little sister overhears and she too wants to join them.  Following a thankfully brief “kerfuffle” the trio; Hubby, Kid Brother and Little Miss-Tagalong go out into the great outdoors.

Independently standing at driveway’s end where the street is a gentle slope, one foot on the peddle, one foot on the ground, the last moment of doubt melting away, he lifts his foot and he’s off!  Down the hill and still going as he steers round the corner!  The moment is magic having had many attempts prior to this day!

I crank the window full out expand my lungs and shout, “Way to go, you did it.  Yahoo, yes, yahoo!”.   Hubby is looking very pleased for the encouragement worked and for our son’s success.
Moments later Kid Brother bursts through the door sporting a smile almost too large for himself.  We share a victory hug and in a flash he has flown away on his bicycle once again.

Finally having completed his work, Intrepid joins Kid Brother outdoors.  With Kid Brother wrapped in a blanket of confidence they work together as a team; a touching moment, to provide Little Miss with the same!
It seemed in just the blink of an eye, with brotherly words of encouragement and physical support, Little Miss was soon in full flight on wheels.  From the peanut gallery Hubby and I cheer them all on; the newest cyclist and her coaches.

Isn’t it great when they show themselves just how much they really do care for each other.  More of that kind of support for each other and we know we’ll all be just fine.
As a mom, it’s great to know some days are just like that!  : )

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