Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy For the Unimagined.

Keeping tabs on aches and pains occurring since before Christmas and another since shortly thereafter, I finally decided to see my physician for the sake of putting any fears at ease.   If you have read any of my blog, particularly from 2012 you will know my history with the BIG C...oh, not the television series; which I miss greatly, but the big C that is Cancer.   Come February 15th it will be 3 years since the day of diagnosis; I remember it ever so clearly.

At this point in time for the most part it is all behind me and I enjoy looking forward.   Every so often like recently there are pains or something I can't ignore and mentally monitor in working to assure myself it is nothing!    Of course you can't help but worry about recurrence of the Big C and as you grow farther away from the initial diagnosis, surgeries and treatments you think about it less; or try to, because your life goes on!   When you can imagine so much, a great imagination is at times not such a great thing!

It's hard to imagine how grateful one can be in being told it's probably arthritis and with the shoulder, quite likely muscular and involving your rotator cuff, in comparison to hearing the alternative one imagines.  It will never be far from my thoughts when I sense something feels off, but today and for this round while I could whine about the pains I am feeling happy it's everything I DIDN'T imagine it to be.

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