Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Sometimes you need a little something, something, not celery, not the chips n' guacamole, not the cookie,
but suddenly, somehow...Icing!  Oh, not the sports kind of icing as in hockey. My apologies if that was an exciting thought for you!   I'm talking about the "icing on the cake" and not figuratively; though that phrase is always a welcome thought to any situation, but literally the icing on a cake kind of icing!  

Icing, a saving grace when you're desperate for some sinful indulgence.  When there just isn't anything of the sinful category in your larder when you REALLY need there to be and it's just not in the realm of possibilities to go out for said items.

Icing is quickly made for indulgence with just three basic ingredients!   Icing sugar, butter and milk will create a basic icing and if you have specific tasty needs you can add any flavouring you wish!  Cocoa on hand...chocolate icing, lemons...lemon icing, and so on!    This is not an earth shattering, high priority kind of post but I just thought I'd share.    I will have you know too, this is NOT one of those "desperate for some sinful indulgence" evenings and especially as I am about to tuck in for the night but more of an FYI, because it's bad but in a pinch, it's good!

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