Monday, January 12, 2015

Sidetracked at the tracks!

This may sound a bit like a gambler's confession!     I've been to a Casino once and to the racetrack; Kawartha Downs my one and only*once and while I could confess to the excitement and sudden rush of "I feel lucky" this is not that!    I will confess that it takes VERY little for me to be "sidetracked" at any given moment and in the midst of just about anything!   "OH, Shiny something..."!

Today as I tried very hard to pay close attention to the time on returning from a long walk lakeside; a doctors appointment next on the schedule, and about to turn to head home I looked ahead to see a stream of most intriguing vehicles lined up and slowly making their way west along the tracks near Cameco.    I was suddenly "sidetracked" and turned up Alexander St. to get a closer look.   I looped back, grabbed my camera and parked the car.   I had never seen anything like this before...a convoy of rail capable vehicles.   They resemble the familiar yellow machinery we are used to seeing in the yard of the works dept. ; like the much  heralded sight of the beloved snowplow clearing our streets in this very winter!    I walk closer and begin snapping away, trying to get my preferred angles, up close and that perspective but without getting in the way of the gentleman operating the hose for the gas line from the tanks of fuel to each of the machines/vehicles as they make their way to him along the tracks.

I can't help myself and finally approach one of the fellows; looking friendly enough, and ask where they are headed and what work they are doing.    He is friendly thankfully and tells me they're "going in", they are clearing the tracks for a scheduled train passing and they have been laying new rails!   Oh, how interesting and I tell him I've never seen such a convoy and he then tells me there are about one dozen machines lined up here at this time.   Plenty happening at the tracks but then one also notices the many trucks parked at various points in working with the operation as well.   It's quite intriguing!    This is just one such instance where I am swiftly heading home or to any other destination when something catches my attention and suddenly necessitated a full stop!    It is for this reason I always have a camera of one form or another with me in the car!   Hubby knows all about my "sidetracks", all too well.  Today at the tracks, tomorrow who knows!

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