Thursday, June 21, 2012

Big Floppy Hats and Swords!

It's been a great day!   Upon departing from work went to have my hair properly "coiffed" !   What a lovely treat!  My daughter has been trying to encourage me to go, she has been working at Mystic Roots since she finished school and will be there at least until September when she will return to School for her Hair Styling Diploma, which will take her right through to the following August.
The visit begins with my choosing a scalp massage oil for a scalp massage.  Of three choices I chose "Calming"...subtle yet very lovely and not overpowering.   My daughter then does the massage; so lovely, followed by the wash/rinse and back to the chair where Amanda does the cut n' style.   Amanda is easy to talk with and does a lovely job with my very thick moppet of hair.   The cut n' style followed by a little makeup touch up...finessing and accentuating the new do!
That was lovely and bar anything "coming up" I will return in six weeks.  Something to look forward to.

I left there and went to the No Frills for a few groceries and admit to not even looking into the car mirror before heading in feeling very confident that I had looked "put together"!  Hee,hee!   There's a first time for everything.

From the grocery store I went to Winners where last Saturday I had spotted...or rather John had spotted a lovely wide brimmed floppy summer hat to wear to protect my face, neck and back from the sun when out and about on those sun shiny summer days ahead!
It's bonus time, the hat was marked down to ten dollars!  "ticker tape from the ceiling kind of moment!"!   I even build up the courage to wear it out of the store.   How could I do otherwise when the sales clerk offered to cut the tags for me if I would like to wear it now!   I know I would otherwise have opted to carry it out in hand and take the next few days (or weeks) wearing it in the presence of a mirror more oft' than anywhere until out of true necessity or perhaps under pressure for practicality.

I head home and have a lovely little dinner with John and then prepare to head to the beach for the  Dune Dancers Solstice!   I was a tad late departing but arrived there and enjoyed some dance moves, including some with a sword, balancing it; as demonstrated to me, on my head, thigh, breasts and shoulder!   A chance to have fun, see a few folks I hadn't seen in some time and learn something new!   The rains soon came; as I knew they would, having followed me to Cobourg showing up rather menacingly in my rear view mirror!
A lovely time and I will look forward to the next chance to dance on the Dunes!

Funny I hear the quote, "I hope you choose to dance..." and it makes for a strong message to go ahead and have fun while you can, partake, be active and get out there!   I danced!   xo

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