Sunday, June 10, 2012

Watching paint dry and lying in waiting...loving it!

Ah man, what a great afternoon.   I have been out on the lower yard painting a chair for an upcoming fundraiser at the Y!   In between paint layering stages I crept to the shadows below the catalpa tree and lie in waiting with camera in hand as the little House Wren couple darted back and forth to their babes in the birdhouse.   While recently having my patience tested with wait times for numerous tests/scans on the medical front, this afternoons wait times were much more easily handled and the results as sweet as expected they would be!
I love both watching and listening to these little birds.   Their chatter is much saucier sounding than you might imagine such a tiny little bird might sound.    They sit upon the fence post saucing and warning each other and those of a threatening nature who dare come too close, all the while their little tails twitching as they bob forward in anticipation of the sudden necessity to take flight.
I repeat, what a great afternoon!

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