Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Interferon, we're ready for your knock us down drag us out fight...

Well today was the day, we returned to our lovely Dr. C at Lakeridge and it's official I will be starting Interferon treatments on July 9th.   I'm feeling a little scared, John too I think, but as with any "unknowns", you learn and gain confidence with experience!  We have a "teaching appt." first thing Friday July 6th and an another appt. with Dr. C later that same morning.

Every visit is a very efficiently orchestrated affair, beginning with an electronic survey you do online prior to your arrival and upon arrival an electronic check in using your Lakeridge Patient Portal/Identification card.  You are first summoned for a little blood work; a tiny ouch, and then later the actual appt. with your friendly Oncologist.   I had a number of questions to ask, written in a little book I have with me at all visits to Dr.'s, hospital tests, etc.!   It's helpful and I have a pen attached to write down any helpful information as well.  He has a good sense of humour and is very easy to talk with and open about everything!  Dr. C had a student shadowing him today and at one point I felt badly that he seemed tired on his feet perhaps and offered him my seat, but he politely declined.  , I couldn't help but ask as he seemed to be teetering from side to side and we did talk with Dr. C for some time.  I could have had the treatments at Northumberland Hills but the case load there under Dr. F is FULL...so I will travel to Lakeridge five days a week for four weeks!!!   This makes things a little more complicated when I imagined I could go to NHH, have the treatment and then drive the five minutes back to work!   I know regardless of where we might go, the side effects would certainly dictate what happens!
Time will certainly tell!

We left the hospital sometime about 12:40 p.m. and headed off to have a visit with a wonderful friend whom I have missed so, she once worked with me in the Early Years programs and I haven't seen her in close to 3 years I think!   Arriving shortly after 1 p.m. it was exciting to see her!   After John obliged us with a photo shoot of sorts it was time to head home; approx 3 p.m..

Once home, I laid out the card from Dr. C and then checked phone messages.   There was one from his office with scheduled times for the first week of treatments as well as a confirmed time for the "Teaching Appt." and follow up with Dr. C for the morning of the sixth.  Then there was a call from my son and he seemed upset.   I said I would have to talk to him later.  It suddenly seemed that all of the dates, my sons call, the idea of actually beginning treatments and worrying how this will all work and WORK, how my husband's holidays would be affected and my income and whether or not his coverage will actually take care of the "home" portion of the "maintenance" treatment.   It all came down around me...a great big flood of emotional upset.

It seems like I "forget" ...or something like that, about this whole Melanoma thing...the realities, concerns, etc. until we have another appointment and it's right there in front of me.   Always going through the motions but kind of like it isn't really happening, until it's really happening.
I'm trying to stay positive, keep the humour where possible and HANG ON by the seat of my pants and know somehow all of the "stuff", worrying about how it will all be "O.K" will work itself out and there is coverage, I will rise above the side effects and we will despite it all enjoy some form of holiday.  We're certainly getting used to curve balls coming at us in this game!

We'll be o.k.!   Here's to knowing there are many "lovelies" out there to keep our spirits up and keep us going forward, including the great medical team we have been involved with!
Sleep tight all!   xo


  1. xo. Let me know if you're not feelign up to driving some days, I'll be the driver/entertainer!

  2. Oh Lesley I would love that! I am lining up my "good company" ...there will be four weeks of daily treatment. John and I have booked off the first week to adjust and we'll play the rest by ear and see where/how things go!
    You would be like best meds! thanks I'll keep you in the loop! :o]


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