Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thank you Lorazepam...Bows and Flows of Angel Hair, ice cream castles in the air...

The clincher takes place tomorrow, though results are likely to be a week or so.   I'm nervous never having had an MRI, but my doctor has supplied me with a magic pill to take shortly before the procedure.   Inside a little pill bottle there lies "1", yes one little pill to be taken at 8:15 a.m, upon having registered at Diagnostics.
Lorazepam, I'm counting on you to help me through this...I know I can count on John but you too have to come through for me!  ...and because I know you will, it will be a head in the clouds kind of experience for me!

I anticipate the tight space would perhaps freak me out a little, and the noise...packin' ear plugs and the long 40 minutes in there....close my eyes and think happy far away in a meadow on a romantic picnic watching skies roll above us and bunnies and deer bounding about kind of thoughts!

It may be a week or two until we have our results in hand...a week if I know my family doctor, she is wonderful and has been so very thoughtful and informative throughout this whole process.
These results will make or break me in their outcome!
Cross your everything!...say a little prayer and think happy thoughts...Me too!

Monday, June 4th...

MRI with a pleasant inducing drug like Lorazepam...a piece of cake!  The recent bone scan was a little scarier, and much more uncomfortable; arms above head not my favourite position for a "freeze frame".   About to be sent into the MRI tunnel/space capsule, the gentleman technician/nurse dons a pair of very typical large stereo like headphones upon my head.   The lady technician/nurse asks, "Are you all set then?", "All set!" I reply and think, wow, I hope I can take photos when I get there! LOL!
Apparently sometime toward the end of the MRI scan there was to be an injection?   I have no recollection of feeling anything of any such nature!  I DID feel like I had my head in the clouds...via the wings of a very large bird, an airplane or simply soaring upward into the clouds while hearing rumbles of thunder, whistles, little birdies, someone knocking, clicking and some whirring and whooshing sounds!  La,la,la, la!  There was one voice asking ever so nicely for me to take a breath...hold and then very politely ask me to take another breath and "that's fine".   I didn't feel any fear at all, and at the risk of sounding like a television or radio ad, "Thank you Lorazepam"!
What another MRI?  ...I will be ready!   Fun wow!  :o]

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