Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Movie Night and Patient Education!

tonight was movie night!  We went for a walk and stopped in to Shopper's picked up a little treat and came home to curl up!   Tonight's feature...The R.S. MacLauchlin Cancer Centre-Chemotherapy and You!
The highlight the panoramic view of the chemotherapy clinic!   Now when we arrive we will feel we already know the place.
I'm being a bit silly but seriously I'm sure things have come such a long way in Cancer Care and patient preparation for their treatments.   We are very fortunate to have such amazing facilities available to us.   Yesterday we came home with a nifty bag of much reading material covering every aspect of living with cancer and all about treatments, etc. and the dvd.   They cover everything and it really does make you feel more at ease about the impending schedule of treatment and appointments.
It's a daunting experience and while you feel anxious, worried, and uncertain perhaps, it's a good idea to look at what is positive in this new experience, focus on the good and hopefully the cancer aside you are fortunate to have good health.   I can't help but believe your attitude in all aspects of dealing with all that is happen is as much a factor in your well being as the medicine itself is.

Order of the day, chin up and think positive!  xo

P.S. Just now writing the title of this post, I randomly heard Don Herron; Charlie Farquason using the term, "Edumacation"! his reference to "marajouwanna"

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