Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Once Upon Pulling An All Nighter!

An All Nighter!...sounds like the announcement of a great weekend party gathering!   At least since February the only 'near all nighter' has meant anything but a party. Lately 'all nighter' would mean rather that I simply cannot sleep due to far too many thoughts rattling about in my head and some of those in light of recent circumstances due to some very stressful, anxiety inducing thoughts!
Last night was indeed an all nighter but again not due to any party happening but an all night art event!   That's right an art event, right here in my living room!   The event ran from 10 p.m. to 4:10 a.m.!  It was to have happened a few hours earlier in the evening, but there was a baking frenzy that I had to attend to-it just took me by storm!  Muffins and Carrot Cake done, then a shower and onto the big event...the ALL NIGHTER!
I was painting a Muskoka chair for a fundraiser for the YMCA, something I have done for the last few years.
It always takes time to come up with a unique idea and then to execute the idea onto the chair itself.   There is always a certain point of feeling unsure about the chosen plan and wondering if while putting paint to the wood, it will all work out.   Then suddenly you realize everything is going really well and things just come together so beautifully.   You then run the risk of not being able to stop "touching up", adding detail to and finding that final satisfaction that allows you to believe you are now officially finished.   Once having arrived at that moment, it feels absolutely wonderful and I can't NOT admit to being excited for someone else to view it and hopefully enjoy it as much as you can't help but feel great enjoyment in!  Yay, I did it, I finished and it DID turn out o.k.!   I ALWAYS worry and for good reason, there are so many very very talented people putting their hearts into creating a unique masterpiece as well!
What a great idea this fundraiser is!   Do come to the YMCA to see the chairs on display soon and in helping kids go to camp, purchase a ticket or three for your chance to win one of these masterpiece beauties-while beautiful to look at, COMFY to sit in too!  : )

"Yaaaawwwwn"! ...and now my bed beckons!  Good night!  xo

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