Monday, July 2, 2012

From the Yard, OH CANADA for 2012!

I was on my way to the top of the ol' sand hill to do my annual singing of the national anthem when I see the silhouette of two people at the bottom of our street; most likely arguing or on the "making up" end of things!  After living here for 26 years we've learned a little about summer love and the chronicles of!   Of course I am not about to head to the hill and force them to move on or listen to what might not be the best rendition of Oh Canada they've never heard!

I stay at my yard and head down to the fire circle hidden by trees and gardens and whilst having a lit sparkler in hand sing in a slightly quieter tone than my usual hilltop rendition do my traditional anthem in honour of this our beautiful country and home, Canada.   I couldn't help but think of our son Alex presently living abroad in South Korea, and missing his first Canada Day while on home soil, but knowing he is having the experience of a lifetime taking in a beautiful new country and it's culture.

Happy Canada Day Canadians and all those embracing our beautiful Glorious country, we have much to celebrate!!  <3

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