Sunday, July 22, 2012

Boston up would be even harder at this point!

Update...Chris continues to hope to make it to Boston Fashion Week, but further bad luck befalls him, but he will not give up.   A friend of his has developed a site where anyone wishing to may donate toward the entrants fee for the big event.   It costs 2200 for him to partake and he's struggling at the best of days of recent, so any amount you may be able to offer will be most helpful and greatly appreciated!  No pressure here, just excited for him to realize a brand new course of success in finding doors open to him!
Please spread the word!!!!


  1. I know my airmiles will help...let's keep hoping for more! How about the French Connection? What a coup that would be for both Chris and FC!

  2. Thank you for being so helpful! I have thought how wonderful it would be for both Chris and FC if they were to step up and be some form of sponsor to him it looks great for them as well to be a supportive employer and of the Canadian Fashion scene! I keep hoping!
    Thank you so much for simply being a caring friend! : ]


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