Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Picc's Ports and near Ambushes-Day 146 the "c" word

This morning I say to my husband, "Take advantage of me in the morning as much as you can!".   There is an immediate very wide silly grin upon his face!   I should have known how those words would be misconstrued!   Ah, gotta love him!   I was meaning for him to have me cook, do the dishes, etc., whatever I can in the morning because in the late afternoon and throughout the evening the side affects of the Interferon have already begun to stake their claim on my body, effective, day one-Monday July 9, 2012. 

It hasn't been too bad, it could be so much worse and maybe we've only just found ourselves at the tip of the iceberg!   Next week could be a much different story having given the treatment drugs a chance to really take hold!?   We'll just have to wait and see.   Hopefully for those helping with the driving to and from the appointments there won't be any "messy" side effects happening in their company!  

Each day we have been coming home, having lunch and then I head upstairs to my bed for a nap. It is upon waking up that I realize I am drenched in sweat, hot headed with a stabbing headache and feeling completely drained!   "Hello Interferon!"!   I am lucky though that to this point no naueau, if only barely there.  

The Chemo Suite is like a well run ship, extremely well run and everyone attentive to every detail in it's running.   It does to some degree feel like a spa of sorts, with people asking you if you'd like anything to drink, how about a warm blanket, would you like your chair set back?   They are wonderful.   I have learned to say 'Yes' to the warm blanket!   Today I had one initially to warm up my arms in aiding the ease of needle insertion for a new iv line.   Friday I will get a PICC line inserted which will eliminate the need for a new line every three days; as is now.   Without either the temporary port or the Picc line it would be a fresh jab at the ol' veins every day!  I'm not really into that and thankfully it seems the nurses don't like to do that either!

Yesterday I needed to use the washroom some time after my treatment was hooked up and underway so John unplugged me and I headed for the exit to the washrooms down the hall, when I hear a voice shout, "Where are you going?", I look to the left and say, "Oh, just the washroom!"...the nurse; owner of "the voice", says, "Not out there you're not, down the hall to your right!"!   She then laughs and another nurse steps through the doors entering the Chemo Suite and says, "No worries, I was prepared to ambush her!!"!   We laugh!
Note to self: Never try to leave Chemo with your IV hookup!  It could hurt!!!  LOL!  They don't miss a beat!!

Today on arriving this is the first question: 
"Are you a picc or a port?".

"I'm a port but soon to be a picc!", I reply.

It's a silly bit of a thing, but it did make me laugh as I headed to the washroom before hookup.
Not to worry, the washroom within the Chemo Suite, I wasn't about to be ambushed!
'Til next time.  Good night!  xo

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  1. I love your take on this new adventure Cathy. You rock lady!!!


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