Friday, July 13, 2012

A Full Day's Work and it's just noon - pokes, picc's, and warm fuzzies!

Approx. ten years ago I passed out upon arriving at the refreshments table after having donated blood, and that wasn't my first visit.   Today I almost passed out for the first time in all of these ten years since.
Today was PICC day!   It's not a terrible procedure but as the nurse rolled along in the procedure I began to feel very strange and said, "Should I be feeling very funny right about now?".   I feel very strange, dizzy, sick to my stomach and like I'd just like to close my eyes.
She said I might and then asked the other nurse to bring me the oxygen.   I'm working at taking the oxygen in and they work to keep me talking and ask me to keep my eyes open...I really really just want to close them and go to sleep!   They keep me talking and I enjoy the oxygen, but continue to have a great desire to roll onto my side and yes just go to sleep.
They are finally done and I am asked to just lay there a while.   We talk more, about each of my children and soon am told it is alright for me to sit up but not to go anywhere.    I sit up and we talk some more, I apologize because it seems I gave them a little scare.  I scared me too, it's been most unpleasant being reintroduced to near faintness!

Before long they trust I am o.k and permit me to go get changed.   Felicity the nurse follows me out to the waiting room to catch up with John and hands me my package of information and additional goodies.  I can expect a call from Home Care later today!

I thank her; again, and off we go.
I think I feel pretty good, then as we head out on the road to meet my sister I feel "illish" all over.
Upon arriving home I take my next Tylenol and fall asleep for the next 2 hours.

It was a very long morning today!!!   8 a.m.  to just after 12 noon, before we leave the hospital.

I'll sleep well tonight.


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