Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fan Fare Please..."Induction" almost complete!

I am two days away from completing the 4 weeks of daily treatment at Lakeridge Health in Oshawa; R.S McLaughlin Cancer Centre.  This portion is referred to as "Induction".   There will be a two week period of no treatment and then the "Maintenance" portion begins.   "Maintenance refers to self injections done 3x per week just before I go to bed each of those nights.
In the beginning this didn't seem so bad but as expected it might has felt worse and worse with each week.   I suppose that's as the medication takes over my body and lets all systems know it is there!!!   I'd have to say too, the meds seem to be in charge of me right now, but when I have a small window of "feel good" I am determined to do something I want to do before the meds find out I'm feeling good and send in the "crappy"!

I feel crappy every day, some more than others but realize it could in fact be even worse!   Headaches are certainly prominent, the fatigue is the worst and my appetite isn't always available!   I don't crave chocolate either...Gaaaaahhh, that is just weird!   I can't say I really CRAVE anything, it's disheartening!  I try to eat a good lunch and breakfast because supper hour arrives and my desire for food seems to have slipped right off the radar!  When I know I just can't seem to stomach much of anything I reach for a BOOST on ice!   The only chocolate I really dig right now!
I am so tired and have the odd noticeable but thankfully brief bouts with feeling down, and have in fact spoken with a social worker at the hospital.  They have every aspect of your treatment covered and someone to help with anything that might come up.   It's a very well run facility and as a friend of mine commented today they are so caring.   She was admiring the way one of the volunteers patted my legs and tucked my feet beneath

I really do hope the maintenance portion of the treatments are not quite so bad, and look forward to the two weeks between induction and maintenance in the hopes that I will feel a little bit of "normal" during that time!?  It's certainly been a very different summer!

 I have just felt so crummy...crappy!   "I feel crappy", the most overstated phrase I use lately!   Well it's 10:00 p.m., way past my general bedtime lately and I have an early appointment for a follow up with my surgeon tomorrow morning.  I sure don't want to look tired when I see him in the morning  ; ]!    After that, off to treatment in the afternoon!   Oh such fun this summer!

Good night!  xo

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