Sunday, July 22, 2012

Feeling unexpectedly good...don't tell Crappulous!

Hey!  I just wanted to share that I have (almost) had two full days of actually feeling pretty good! I think Crappulousness has taken a mini vacation or can't find me in my disguise beneath my large brimmed hat and behind my dark shades!!   I haven't felt this good in at least two weeks!   Shhhh, we don't want Crappulous to hear!    We do however return for regular treatment tomorrow morning so I have to take this for all it's worth!  
I do hope this will be what I feel a little more of once injections begin, knowing they are a lesser dose and only every other day three times a week.

Either way I greatly appreciate a little reprieve from feeling so totally run down!   Yay!   I almost feel like me, "normal", whatever that was!
I'm so enjoying the beautiful breezy afternoon and penning letters with quill and ink.  One such letter to our son in Korea, he's sure to get a kick out of the quill penned letter, just as he would write!

Well, I must get back to enjoying this strange but wonderful "feel good" bestowed upon me! xo

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  1. Glad that Crappulousness has someone abated. Tell it to come to me for a bit if you need a respite my dear!


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