Monday, July 2, 2012

Cancelling my Donor status- harder to think about than it is to become a donor.

This is so hard to do.
I suspected this might be true but in participating in a discussion forum on the Melanoma Network of Canada site, had the information confirmed today that I may no longer be an organ donor.
It is hard to imagine that while I would want to help someone continue to live on, I can no longer be a donor due to the disease Melanoma.   It would be with additional risk to an already frail body that my organs would be given to someone in need.   Even while I am NED (No Evidence of Disease), melanoma could surface at a later time and attack the body of the unsuspecting host of the gifted organs.
I don't recall, but it may have taken time to decide to become a donor many years ago and talk with my family about it, but knowing I can no longer be one is even harder to think about.
If you are not a donor, please give it some thought.   There are wonderful living reminders of how this changes lives for so many, all around us.   

I had given up donating blood a number of years ago even though while tests at the clinics may have shown my iron up and capable of a donation, I always needed extra time in leaving the gurney's and finally at one clinic passed out as I arrived at the snack table for refreshment; maybe seconds too late!   I was then disappointed also having only returned as a donor a few donations before.  I have remained on iron supplements since then.

I guess I'll stick to doing whatever I can in offering kindness to others, whether that be as simple as holding a door for someone with mobility challenges or volunteering at any number of events/organizations in helping out!  I know having been the recipient of such, even the smallest acts of kindness mean so much.

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