Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunshine, Fake n' Bake and THE A, B, C, D, E's of Mole watching...

Cancer an acquaintance?  Yes, and sadly even more.
For here I am left with scars, sometimes pain, and once very sore.
Remember now what not to do.
A lesson for me and I share it with you.

Hot sun, and *tanning beds, like an oven bakes.
One bad burn while a teen, that's all it takes.
Though anyone at any age, with any mole,
Keep watch  of your skin,  for melanoma will take it's toll.

Moles they change and when they do,
They may make changes inside of you.
It heads to your lymph nodes if given that chance,
That funny looking mole deserves a second glance!

Pay attention to sun and to those moles, know the A.B.C.D.E's,
Protect your skin and be aware, and stay skin cancer free!

*tanning beds, are worse than the sun and increase your risk of skin cancer greatly.

If you have a mole that presents any one or more of the following, please have it checked.

A for assymetry (one side different from the other)
B for border (irregular uneven edges)
C for colour ( Varied with brown or black or red)
D for dimension (as big as a pencil eraser)
E for elevation (raised)

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