Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Celebrations...Big and little...we'll take them! the "c" word, losing it's hold.

It's been almost a week since my last post and since then have had some positive happenings and continue to work through those random emotional waves!  It does seem the "c" word begins to lose it's hold on me, a few random breakdowns aside.   Those are though more about the defeat of it and the realization we have beat it!!!!   Take that cancer!
Last Thursday was the Ultrasound and as mentioned in the last update, I survived and no accidents!   Yep, I felt like a really big girl having made it through to the completion of the once familiar annoyingly uncomfortable procedure!   I only felt like a slightly embarrassed child at the point of pacing the floor and having sat up on my feet in an attempt to abstain from having an accident pre-procedure!  YAY!  Success.

Friday was my first big outing in two full weeks, as we travelled to the city to join in celebration of our daughters very successful completion of the Full program for Makeup Artistry at Complections in Toronto.
this was a wonderful occasion and a celebration without any question of any underlying concerns, a true moment of Woot, woot.She did it!
The school recently relocated from St. Nicholas St., at Yonge St., just below Bloor to a fabulous new location on Lombard St.E., just off of Church St.(S).
The building was once the home of the famed Second City Firehall Theatre!   It is in fact an old Firehall and has been beeeeautifully redone to accomodate the school's various studio and classroom needs.   Most recently the building was Gilda's Club a cost free community support for anyone touched by cancer, named for the wonderful comedienne Gilda Radner who had a dream of opening just such a place.  Sadly she herself had had and died from ovarian cancer in 1986.
Ashley and 13 other classmates were excited to be celebrating their graduation while also sad to know the time had indeed gone very quickly and they would certainly be missing each other.  It was wonderful to see them all there, the first of the 32 week prorgram to graduate from the new location.
We were so happy to see our girl among her classmates and having made some close friends whom she will continue to be in touch with.   She was so happy and looked gorgeous as did each of the grads, including "Jordan" the only gentleman in the class, sporting his signature bow tie matching his purple pants, dress shirt and lightly coloured suit coat.   Each of the teachers spoke of the great times they had in each of their classes and in some cases, yes, perhaps a little frustration both for the students and then at times the teacher.  There were lots of laughs!
Ashley is presently working in an "on trial" basis this week at a prominent Salon/Spa.   Come September she is registered to continue her education in obtaining her Hair Stylist License at .    We are very proud of her and she has a fabulous creative sense when it comes to makeup, for any occasion/genre and will be continuously adding to the repertoire of her abilities and direction of interests.  Ashley hadn't greatly enjoyed city life and at times that made it difficult in talking with her on the phone, but thankfully she had a close knit group of classmates and that and her enjoyment of the program kept her going.
Friday was a very very happy and celebratory day.

This past Monday I had two doctors appointments, one pretty much right after the other.   While the first was not with my own doctor, as she is away this week, I simply needed some reassurance that I am on track in the healing process and did wish to broach an additional concern I had.   I will return for an appt. when my doctor is in, as I left the appt. knowing a couple of things I hadn't previously but also feeling for the most part I was pushed through in a rather hurried manner.

Despite the nature of how I felt having left that earlier appt. at the clinic, I did feel comfort in knowing I would be seeing my surgeon friend shortly after.    I met my husband at the hospital and we went to my next appt. together.   My surgeon had good news, which I did in fact have already, but one certainly doesn't mind hearing it all again in having additional assurance that all is well.  He was excited to share the news with us and reiterate how all looks good!  YAY!
In addition there was discussion on next steps, which includes two visits with two oncologists, one for chemotherapy treatments and the other for discussion of radiation, which is not likely to be part of my followup at all.   The latter simply not to overlook any and all possible next steps in "adjuvant treatment protocol".
I have an appointment for an MRI June 4th but am working to think beyond that and not worry about it so much.   I can't help but believe the worst of everything is past and with the recent good news prefer to focus on that.  Dr. S, my surgeon has been wonderful as has everyone been, on the surgical team and the nursing staff  in helping John and I to remain positive and in keeping a sense of humour, especially when it seemed impossible to.
Well, a little more waiting, a couple more appts. and then I will check in with Dr. S in August to see how we're doing and carry on from there!
It's been quite a road and I am so thankful for the many people whom have helped in our getting through this new adventure, both family, friends and colleagues for the big and little ways they have been there and all of the "gentle hugs"!  To John especially in always being adamant in his certainty that all would be well!   He's been my best rock!  <3 p=""> We shall carry on!  xo

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