Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spa NHH for the whole morning!

Well now, I'm not actually off tomorrow, but am off for a morning of pampering via the excellent care of very skilled nurses and technicians at NHH!   It sort of feels like a spa day!  You know you desperately need a spa day when!!!

The part that I can't help but appreciate is like at a spa, they are going to be very thorough in the care they are delivering!   Unfortunately unlike a spa where your mind is quickly put to ease and your cares sent on their way, my morning is filled with testing which I won't know the results of for possibly two weeks but perhaps as early as one week.   I know they go to a Pathologist for viewing and then after that the results will be shared with my Family Doctor and Oncologist who had ordered one of each of these tests.

I feel o.k about the impending tests, it's next week's test that will really be the clincher.   I will be relieved to have completed that one and know the results.   There is a big weight on my shoulders and I will be so very relieved to have it removed.

My mind will take this as calmly as Spa-ssible!

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