Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hands Up, Baby Hands Up!!!! YAY!

BIG NEWS...well, for me.    Lately; post surgery #2, I haven't been able to put my arms over my head during the song "Mr. Sun" and am certain to have looked like I was quite "lazy" in doing my actions during songs at circle time at work.    I must admit to feeling like I was lazy, as I only brought my "sun arc" to just eye level during Mr. Sun and a much less than high flying bubble, during "Let's Blow a Bubble".
It's a good day Thursday when I realize I can now raise my right arm up over my head for both Mr. Sun and Let's blow a Bubble!    Yay, we are progressing.
There is still some pull and feels like there is a very tight tendon in the area of my underarm, but I am certain this too will eventually go away as I continue with specific exercises and slowly continue to add "normal" activity to each day! Yay!
Hands Up Baby!!!!

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