Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yes, Happy Mother's Day...let's count those blessings shall we!?

It's Mother's Day and while any Mother's Day is cause for celebration this one has even more cause for celebration for a few additional reasons!   I don't spend every minute thinking about these things but can't help but give thought to such things and at times they simply catch me by surprise and steal into my mind.
"Such things" include the many things that have happened in what seems such a short time, especially in taking it all in.  

My Father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer back in the late fall and very luckily it was a small spot on his lung and with only a few chemo treatments; four I think, it was eradicated-very good news.   We didn't know the true results though until late January, but certainly cause for counting our blessings.  He's here and we can celebrate that!

On a positive note our now future son-in-law proposed to our daughter and they became engaged during a romantic dinner, "high in the sky" at the CN Tower in Toronto.   A happy celebration of their love and plans for a future together-plans, happy plans!   We are happy for them and for more happiness to celebrate in the future!!!  We welcome our future son-in-law to the family!

Then our son's 23rd birthday,'d been a tough week for him but alas he is 23 and should celebrate all that he does find in counting his blessings.   We celebrate as well and call him to wish him a day of blessings, while wondering just where did those years go and how could they have slipped past so quickly!?  His bad week eventually turned around for him, he just needs to keep his chin up!

That same day brought some very unwelcome news our way.   I am given the news that a mole I had on my back was in fact melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer.   Some will say, "oh well, just skin cancer eh?!"....Skin Cancer and Melanoma at that is VERY serious and my doctor let's me know that in his tone and facial expression.   That afternoon was a most difficult time.  

Another positive note, while having had months of wishing she were anywhere but living in the city, our daughter comes out shining upon her graduation day from Complections, International School of Makeup Artistry and is presently working at a local spa/salon where it looks like they will keep her on for the summer!  She has been working hard to learn all she can from each of the others working there and to share what she knows from the extensive training she has brought to the Spa/Salon with her.   We are so very happy for her and proud too in that she did all she needed in proving herself to be a hardworking and skilled prospect as an employee!  This works so well in fitting into her plans to return to school for Hairstyling and design in the fall!!!

Fast forward to today, my scars are healing yet, three in total-one of which has been cut twice for two different surgeries in ridding my body of the melanoma.   There are still appt.'s ahead of me and I work to shed any uncertainties I have in believing all is well.   I have good and bad days, moments and thoughts, but I AM here and AM making plans.   One plan in motion which has been initiated by the departure of one of our children to very distant shores, to take a much needed, long awaited for South Korea; 2013.

A most recent happening and while truly a positive happening, is a little bitter sweet.  Just Thursday morning past our eldest took his first flight ever to take a teaching position in South Korea!  That's one way to get used to flying, a seventeen hour trip; one, one hour layover in Vancouver.   He had been waiting for the day and it finally came in one fell sweep without but a few hours notice!
He had been living here at home so had been here through all of the good and bad moments of the past several months and brought humour to the darkest time and helped in making it all a little more bearable.

And here we are and some good things are happening amid some uncertainty, which helps in keeping faith in not all is crumbling down around us, there is light in the dark and some of that "light" is most definitely our children!   Through them we can see things in a different way, find hope and be hopeful for them and know just as we are there for them, we can count on them to be here for us!   It's all one could ever want!  
Yes, Happy Mother's Day!!!

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