Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Checking in to get so totally Checked Out!

Whew...I think I'm pooped NOW!   The next couple of months will see me dragging my buns to a number of medical tests, meet new specialists and seemingly have every portion of my inner and outer physical self checked up, down, in, out and all ways possible!

I may have thought following my two surgeries I was done, aside from 3 month check up with my surgeon and perhaps a follow up with my own doctor and yes, perhaps a consult with an Oncologist for good measure!    I commend thee my doctor(s), shall we say Personal Medical Team for being so very thorough.   Surgeon, Oncologist, Dermatologist, Gynecologist and most importantly and always there, my Family Physician.
Just when we hadn't any plans at this point for the summer we may have more plans than we could possibly have planned on.
In summary though, I am happy to be here "planning" and to know so many caring professionals have "got my back"!

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