Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not so Spa, but all for the good! - Spa-sibble at the hospital?

...So today at the NHH wasn't quite like going to the spa, I'm pretty sure they don't bind your feet together at the spa, unless of course you request such a thing!  I said not a word, but sure wish I had; an ice breaker was definitely needed!

I'm up too late and will have to add the titillating details tomorrow.   Oh the thoughts that were running through my mind today!

Here it is!
Yesterday's morning at NHH while only just over three hours did feel like a whole day!
There were two sets of specific events on this morning of appointments in two of NHH's departments.   One test ordered by my newly acquired Oncologist and the other by my Family Physician.
The first event scheduled for 8:15 a.m., the injection of a tracer, a radioactive substance that the camera follows as it moves through your body. It is obvious that this fellow has to repeat the very same instructions over and over during the course of the day, by the tone which he delivers the instructions in.    I stump him though, with letting him know in between the time I am due back to Nuclear Medicine and now, I have another appointment to fulfill within the hospital.  He inquires and then with determination says we will head there now to be sure my additional appointment is fulfilled well within the time he will require my return!

During the injection I soon remember problems others have had in getting a line in the veins on my left arm and feel obligated to share that with him to make his job a little easier.   I couldn't help but feel he was a little put out that I hadn't mentioned this from the get go.   I apologize.

My appointment in Women's Health is complete by 9:30 and went quite smoothly!   Just when you think they can't possibly arrange parts of your body any more awkwardly, they CAN!...and do!   I just keep reminding myself it's all in the name of being thorough.   One set of tests with one machine and then on to the next with another.
The tech for ultrasound in Womens Health is very personable and we chat and share a few laughs.  We are then joined by Doctor Morrocco whom I can't help but feel I have met before.   He is very pleasant and when we shake hands I am thankful he will not be touching me with such very cold hands!   Warm personality, ccccold hands!   LOL, and then he continues and as he is adding a dallop of the lovely warm gel for the ultrasound it "splurts" out all over my chest...we all laugh out loud and he apologizes but I assure him no need, only had the gel been cold; as his hands, it is very welcomely warm!
Apparently all is well as far as he can see but he is in agreement there is some change as I had pointed out and tells me there are cysts but they are not of concern.   I am to return for these such tests again in six months.
He bids adieu and Irene; the technician, and I share a couple of funny stories and she wishes me well and I'm off to dress and head to the cafe area for a few drinks and a muffin and fruit perhaps.

Before returning for the Bone Scan I am to indulge in some good measure of fluids and thankfully am o.k to "void" when needed!  This morning's beverages of choice a large orange juice and a carton of milk.  
In just over 45 minutes I report back to Nuclear Medicine ten minutes early and wait.
Soon the tech guy calls me in.
I proceed on to the imaging table and am directed in where on the pillow my head should be etc. and as I scooch down, I realize he is putting a band of some sort around my feet.   Because this fellow doesn't seem to have a very outwardly friendly manner with his patients, I wish i were brave enough to say something clever, like, "Oh, into a little S & M are we?"...but maybe that would be too strong?   Perhaps, "This is a first for me, be gentle!", or "Ah, you heard I thrash!", LOL...or "Oooooo kinky!"!
The machine fires up and suddenly I am beneath the platelet that takes the pictures.   I am feeling a slight sense of panic as it moves down toward my face and I hear the technician leave the room and begin talking with someone in the hall!   I'd really like to scream, "HEY don't leave me...", or "I think I'm about to be face planted by a machine!!!".
The machine stops just above my nose and for several minutes that felt much longer I imagine it is taking pictures.   Then it fires up and very slowly moves downward just to mid chest and once again stops.  I am happy to have my head emerge from under the plate/camera. and can see all around me though I do not turn my head at all.
The machine fires up twice more and scans to the lower extremities all the while I dare not move an inch.
He returns to the room, comes over to have me readjust and pulls out some piece of the "bed" section beneath me and asks that I put my arms together over my head.  Oh no not this...I've done this position here before!   I wonder how long, when he says, "This takes about fifteen minutes!", and my sense of dread kicks in as I know when I am able to put my arms at ease again it IS going to hurt.   I assume quietly to myself that is quite simply due to aging!   Ugh, I recall being able to hold any such position for great lengths with no concern for any pain(s) to follow!
The machine rotates from left to right slowly rotating only a short distance every few moments.   Finally it has made it's way all the way over me and to the far right side!   I am slowly rolled back from the imaging portion of the machine and as I bring my arms back down cringe with the hurt of the movement.
The tech takes my left arm and helps me to an upright position and I think maybe we'll exchange a couple of words, but a fellow staff steps in announcing treats in an adjoining room, the tech calls back over his shoulder, "I'll send these on to tIhe doctor..." and before my feet have reached the floor he is out the door and gone!
I'll give this fellow the benefit of the doubt and say maybe he has become 
desensitized in having to say the same thing every day and far too many times in a day, or had had a bad day or just hasn't the most personable manner!

The closest to "Spa-like" was lying on my back with warm gel on my chest while talking with the Ultrasound Technician in the quiet of the small room.  Oh well it could have been much worse and I am very thankful to have all of these services and medical tests available to me and my doctor.   I DO think we take our health care system for granted; as fragile as it seems to be these days.

Whatever the outcome of these tests, I count my blessings to have the opportunity to be "checked out" so very thoroughly!  :o)   xo

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