Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On Dasher, On Dancer....Oncologist - Day 90!

It's like Christmas...well, only vaguely, but that appointment been waiting to hear of, was set in motion just the day before yesterday and this was the date given!  
Today we ventured to Lakeridge Hospital - The MacLaughlin Cancer Centre for our first appt. with an Oncologist.   Upon arrival, blood work is done, we then go for lunch and are to return to the waiting area for 1 p.m. .  I have brought along all of my medical records from Dr. Stratford's office.

We return to the waiting area and wait briefly, then are questioned at length by a nurse.
 When the Nurse asked "What are you hoping to get from Dr. Oncologist today?", we were worried perhaps we really shouldn't even be there!   I replied, "Well, I was referred by my surgeon and I guess we need to know what next?"!
Sheesh, didn't someone get the memo?   If you don't know what we are here for today then we have to wonder as well and can only hope the Oncologist has some insight as to why we are here.

Enter Dr. C., whom thankfully we liked instantly.   His specialty is in Melanoma and Breast Cancers.  A lovely gentleman who can take one look at you, label your skin type and that combined with your surname can tell you your family's origin - homeland and your predisposition to skin cancers.   Most interesting.

A wrap up of the appointment... a bone scan is being booked, a visit to a Dermatologist, the MRI in waiting, and a return trip to Dr. C.  In a couple of weeks following the MRI.  The MRI happening June 4th.
Best case scenario, the spots seen are in fact just "Hemangioma's" - a tangle of blood vessels, harmless. a negative result for Metastasis of the liver. This result will result in proceeding with a planned course of Interferon treatments in keeping the possibility of recurring Melanoma at bay.    :o]  Worst case scenario, a very different plan; we're not going there.

It's been a lot of hurry up and wait...test results keep keeping us hanging, but Christmas may just arrive mid June in rejoicing the least of liver problems-no melanoma!   I'll ring bells and make merry on that note, when the verdict for no melanoma is in!  :o)


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