Monday, May 7, 2012

Painting = therapeutic, trying on dresses, "ouch", not so much!

Yesterday I finally renewed my acrylic paint supply, it was long overdue and now I look forward to a good run of therapeutic painting.   A few canvasses are lined up and a muskoka chair awaits my creative flow!
It was a trip to Peterborough and we hadn't been in some time.   We had a couple of stops in mind ending with a stop at Island Cream for a couple of Roti's.
 John headed to Telus and I to Winners where I had not intended to be at all into the "shopping and trying on clothes" kind of thing.  I'm still sore, find the daily chore of getting into and out of clothes quite 
enough , never mind choosing to repeat the task over and over.    
I walked along the length of the dress rack; clearance of course, without any measure of enthusiasm, but somehow couldn't help but notice a couple of dresses poking out from between many other dresses.   I picked them up, viewed them and then returned them to the rack.   I worked not to think of them and walked the length of the "sleeveless tops" rack and once again did see a top or two that drew my attention to them.   I picked up a couple of tops and glanced over them and put them back.   Within just a few more short moments John had met up with me and asked had I seen anything.   I know to show him what I DID like or he will begin to pick items and insist I try something on at the slightest hint of my liking something.   I show him the three little dresses and he walks me in the direction of the change rooms.
A young lady greets us and sends me on my way to the ladies change room.   John waves and smiles as I go 'round the corner.

I hadn't given this endeavour much thought at all, forgetting about the yet very sore arm and that any popover clothes might be rather challenging to get into and out of.    The first dress is quite easy to get into  and while I have no problems, find it repulsive to look at myself in THIS dress and slip out of it right away.   The second dress is kind of cute, but as I gently try to maneuver myself into each of the arms begin to feel some pain, and more as I try to zip up the zipper.   I am in, look and think it's o.k, not great and then the attempt to get out...I can't reach the zipper.   I cringe and try a little harder and am so happy to manage to pull the zipper down and exit dress #2.    Dress number #3 I really liked, and was excited to get into, and I'm almost there when the challenge begins.  It's a little pop over dress.   A little "ow" and maneuvering and I'm in.   I'm so excited, I love the way it looks and feel so good, then the panic begins...I realize I need to take it off!!!   I begin with my good arm as I do when removing tops lately, but somehow it just doesn't seem to be right this time.   I then realize i am going to have to try to pull the dress up over my head and for an instant consider the idea of asking someone to help.   That thought quickly dies as I can't imagine the level of my embarrassment and explaining why there is so much pain and perhaps the incisions as well.   Tears well up and while there is pain pull the dress up and over my head.   I let my breath out and mumble indecipherable grumbles under my breath and force back the tears.   I hurt but I am so happy with the dress I quickly recover and leave the changeroom.    We pay for the dress and are on our way.
The dress is in my closet and I look forward to putting it on again without any pain.

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