Saturday, April 21, 2012

The "c" word, surreal either way!

That "c" word has taken quite a hold lately.   I might never be the same or what I believe to have been "me" before all of this and I have yet to talk with Dr. S about next steps, as well as have a couple additional tests in the near future, but with additional changes happening all around, nothing will ever be quite as it ever was and cancer is a part of that.
I've known many others who have battled or continue to battle cancer, and you can never quite fully understand what they must be going through, the thoughts the emotions and of course we are all so different in how we digest such things.
I can't stop thinking about what all of this means.   "Your tests came back clear, negative for any more melanoma", like the initial diagnosis of melanoma, it is again surreal.  Maybe it's time to go to bed.  Not thinking may be just what I need at this point.

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