Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 47- Happy Thoughts(?) of Warm blankies, Owee's and Pain Meds, oh my!

I'm so tired these days somehow I am looking forward to my overnight at Spa NHH next Friday!   I'm just beat...so many things on my mind, so much happening and I'm almost forgetting about the part where I wake up to some brand new Ow's!  I will be instantly reminded of the fact I am heading toward my next surgery rather than a "spa" experience tomorrow morning as I call NHH for my pre-op interview! Yes, interview!
There will be questions asked, on their part and mine and instructions given and on hanging up the phone will recall all the elements of next weeks return visit to NHH!   Waiting around, a desire to eat following many hours of not eating anything in prep, needles, a little anxiety and new pains, will all be included in this package deal!   The part that will seem briefly spa-like will be the wonderful pre-warmed blankets available during the "wait for your call to your own personal surgical suite"!  The meds administered post surgery will offer some
I may perhaps extend my arms and say unto thy escort to the surgical suite,  "Take me I'm yours", I am that tired!

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