Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 46 - Ups, downs and sideways!...and a good fright night!

Well, it was a quiet weekend for the most part, perhaps Fridy night aside.  My lovely friend Tammy afforded me the opportunity not only to have some time with her, but to see the play "The Woman In Black"!  We both greatly enjoyed it!  I always feel the need for a good little mind and body jolting scare now and again!  There were many people there we knew, all out for the same thrill!  The theatre was full!   Congrats to all involved.

 A little jaunt to the Ganny Race glad we went down and had a chance to see some of the lovely people we have missed for some time...aside from running into them here and there!   We took lunch to our son working his usual Saturday out at Primitive Designs.   It was on our way there I had a few moments of sad/negative thoughts, while waiting for John to pick up orders for lunch from Harveys.   Those moments didn't last long and while I began to tear up, pushed it all back.   I had a few moments like that at random times over the weekend.  It's odd that I look forward to surgery on the again!, because in getting that behind us will move to the next step, more results and more certainty of what to expect in the very near future.
I'm just so tired of thinking, even when I think I am not, thoughts invade me.
A few visitors at the house in the late afternoon and not quite as we might have thought would be our evening, but a VERY quiet evening and IN BED, by 9:30 P.M.!   We did the Earth Hour sitting/falling asleep in complete darkness in the livingroom and realizing we might as well be tucked in.  Why sit, fall asleep and fall over onto ones side when you can enjoy a completely horizontal state of rest in the comforts of ones actual bed!?

Sunday another very quiet day, with a quick dash to the grocery store and hardware store.  We picked up some grass seed; endorsed by Mark Cullen-as if that REALLY makes a difference to us, to repair an area of lawn which in the year previously was a flower bed at roadside!  Looking for less time consuming lawn affects and this year a most prominent thought!

Well, the second week into the Kindergarten Foundations and all that is involved; especially the behind the scenes tracking and paper work, I AM POOPED!
I'm sorry there isn't more here tonight, but I promise to have some exciting news to share in the near future!  For any smarty pants out there, no I AM NOT PREGNANT!  LOL, though at this point in life that would surely move me to tears!...or some form of uncertain histeria!    xo

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