Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 59 HOME...and Home Care! ...

Today Home Care comes for their first visit.   Her name is Jen.   Upon her arrival she comes upstairs to my "Suite"; our daughter Ashley's room.  Her room has become  a lovely private medical convalescing suite.  I really is lovely.

I have prepared a basket for all of the medical supplies which had been sent home with us from the hospital.
Jen does all of the routine checks to begin; takes my temp., blood pressure, etc. and then goes about changing the dressings at the right underarm area.  She checks the records we are keeping for frequency and amount of drainage and frequency of medication and dosage.  I am eating well, lots of fluids, and at this point I am still taking advantage of much sleep.   I have been downstairs a few times as well, to congregate with Alex and John some.
Jen or another Home Care nurse will return on Tuesday.
I am just so tired and also at this point simply remain in my bed clothes because sleep is my biggest draw!

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