Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 57- It's that Day AGAIN! surgery #2

Well this was surgery day...Round Two!  Friday April 13th.  This surgery, "Complete Lymph Node Dissection".   The word Dissection aside it doesn't sound ALL that bad, right?  The first surgery, a "Sentinel Lymph node biopsy" and a large Excision.  This one IS a little more invasive, involved and includes one nights accommodation at the NHH.
The surgery scheduled for 12:30 a.m., actually underway by shortly after 1 p.m.!  Just when I thought I was headed straight for the surgical suite with the lovely Nurse Michael, he stops at the Day Surgery waiting room and I hear him let someone beyond the next set of doors know that he is with Mrs. Nevin, for Dr. S. .  I bid him adieu and as before I must sit and wait-when I could have continued my little nap on my bed in my room!!  Oh well.   I hang out with two gentleman also waiting to go for surgery, and funny thing...we're all wearing the same gowns...and in the same front to back and back to front overlay manner!  
This time round I haven't had so many tears in the last few weeks and I've worked at keeping them in check today, but as I lay on the surgical table waiting to drift off, my nose tingles and I know I can't hold back any longer.   The tears come easy and roll down my cheeks.  Dr. H.  The anesthesiologist had been talking with me just before I was escorted down the hall with Nurse Cathy. I had shared with Dr. H  about our sons upcoming journey to Korea to teach and we agreed that she should join John and I in making our own trip there to visit.   Once we have saved enough we'd set a date and she'd come along!   
On noticing my tears she quickly reminds me of our plans for Korea, and then another nurse suggests we could also visit England and visit her daughter...we all laugh together and I must then drift off!   Dr. H.  Would be a hoot to have along!
When she had called to me to go to the desk where she asks the final round of questions, she says,  "You look familiar!", I tell her we had a previous visit just five weeks earlier!  She thinks perhaps we should stop meeting like this and do lunch somewhere else!   Ah, love her humour!

I awake in what sounds like a wonderful place to be, but perhaps not, "Recovery Bay".   With a name like that there should be palm trees, a nice warm breeze and iv's with really yummy stuff pumping through your veins.   I am soon transferred back to my room where I have reservations for the night.  Dinner is included!  Oh the deals this place offers!

Dinner is pretty good.   I have some very good mashed potatoes, green and yellow beans, and breaded fish.  There is milk and juice and a fruit cup.   I eat about half of everything.  John leaves briefly to join his parents and our son Alex for dinner at East Side Mario's.   All I can think about is the bounty of warm bread they offer!   John is keen to smuggle some across to me but I decline, and know I will indulge at some point in the near future.
He returns to visit for a little after their dinner and then as I become rather sleepy again, decides to bid me good night.

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