Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 57- Things that Go Bump in the Night- Little things to Rejoice

It had been such a long day and into the evening realize; as does the nurse, that I haven't voided since before this morning's surgery.  I begin to wonder if I ever would again, and just as suggested by the nurse they will see what they can do to help that along if I haven't gone by 12:30 p.m. .
At this point I haven't a clue about the actual time in the evening it is, but suddenly have this familiar feeling in my lower abdomen.  While I hate to call, possibly disturbing my room mate who is finally able to enjoy sleep, I know I need to call.   A voice replies from through the intercom "How can I help you?", and then because I may be groggy and mumbling, hear, "You need to go to the bathroom?".   "Yes" I manage to reply.   My nurse Christina arrives and helps me from my bed to sit upon the commode and then politely waits by the door as I perform my duty.   Nothing happens right away and I am puzzled by the feeling of such immediacy only to have a lack of results, until finally a tiny dribble, of which I feel I had no real connection in making happen. I complete the task, she helps me back into bed and she bids me good night.
It seems like hardly 5 minutes later as I have already closed my eyes and settled back into the bed, and the nurse has surely had barely enough time to make it as far as the nurses station.  Again I feel that overwhelming sensation of a desire to void, once again and so soon!   I sit and think and fret that perhaps it's all my imagination due to my desire to void before they have to resort to any additional procedures!  How could I possibly need to go again already!?   I slowly and gently place my hands onto my lower abdomen and press ever so lightly and realize the truth, I DO need to void once again for REAL!
Hesitantly I ring for someone, they respond, "You need help Catherine?", I reply, "Yes, I'm sorry but I need to go to the washroom again.".   I imagine a look of disbelief upon the nurses face.
A different nurse arrives,  explains my nurse is with another patient, they have too many patients for the number of nurses this shift. I assure her it's o.k, that I understand.  She helps me to the commode, waits and waits.   I apologize for taking so long and she explains that following a catheter my "sphincter" is not working fully and it will take time to restore to it's normal functionality.  I appreciate that she has explained this.
She helps me back to bed and asks if I might feel confident enough to use the commode on my own.   I assure her I do and could likely have done so in the first place but was instructed I must call for assistance in avoiding any unnecessary mishaps...bumping into things and falls.
My next independent trip to the commode seems to go well, until I feel something fall against my arm.  It's dark and I can't really tell what it is and of course my imagination goes into high gear...I hear myself in my head saying, "What the hell was that?"!  I know there has been something done in my underarm and "right auxillary lymph node area", so in some measure of fright for having fallen apart, call for the nurse.
Christina comes and of course I explain there is something there that wasn't before.  She is at my bedside and then smiles at me, "No no, everything is fine Catherine, that's your drain and little pump and they are supposed to be there.  It may have been caught up in your gown.".   She assures me once again all is as it should be and once more bids me good night.  I so will not be calling for anyone the rest of the night.   I feel a little embarrassed and will happily blame it on the great drugs being pumped via I.V into my vains; a nice little cocktail mixed with Tramadol.   : D

It's a long night.   Many many trips to the commode and finding I was pretty steady on my feet, made my way to a nearby hand sanitizer.   At some point early on can't help but have noticed a very strong and unusual scent upon each visit to the "throne" and express my concerns.  The nurse assures me due to not having voided in some time and having little in the bladder has contributed to just that.   Whew, I was beginning to think what I thought "looked" like beans upon my dinner plate might actually have been asparagus!   Good drugs might very well have helped with that illusion!  I am quickly reminded of a very recent discussion on asparagus at work!  It makes me laugh-ouch!


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