Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 56-The "c" Word -Round Two...Hook me up and knock me out; chronicles of surgery...

Well...heading into the shower shortly, have some school work to do and a card to create, then off to bed!   Tomorrow I have what I've been calling a "Spa Day" at the NHH!   ...well, actually the day becomes an overnight!  That's right I've scored the opportunity to be a registered overnight guest with this surgery!

My package includes a late arrival; the last was for 7 a.m., this time for 10:30 with my "procedure" booked for 12:30!   It's nice I will have my own room to linger about in for those nearly two full hours!  I have a little bag packed with all the little comforts of home...including of course the standard in fresh underthings for the next morning!  LOL!...just like Mom always instructed!

Tomorrow's procedure is titled, "Complete Lymph Node Dissection", sounds wonderful doesn't it!?  I'm ready, well as one ever is for such things!   I have a great surgeon, and yes, I shall add he is speak with, to answer questions, his fancy needle work and yes, yes, I cannot deny he is lovely to see...o.k, to visually admire!  There!...I said it.
This round may be a little harder to recover from with the greater depth of delving into the underarm area and it's invasive nature.  I have taken a little more time from work this round and hope to bounce back just as well having taken that time.  My last surgery was about 5 weeks ago.  While I have recovered well, my underarm area on both sides remains a little sore, though the right has been quite sore and there is considerable pain in the "achy-throbby" pain.  This arm also suffers the ails of tennis elbow, a rather annoying affliction!

While nervous I'm sure, I'm not clearly focused on what is about to happen until meeting the surgical team and mid hopping up onto the gurney as they then hook up the i.v!   There will be more to think about and worry about afterwards, with two new appointments coming up; MRI and ultrasound, then post surgery results and perhaps a visit with an Oncologist!   Beyond the first mentioned appt.'s I can't think any further beyond, those alone simply add to a realm of many more questions!  Whew, and I'm going to take one day at a time and revel in some lovely visitors, good books, taking in some great movies and just s-l-e-e-p-i-n-g!!

Good night lovelies! xo

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